Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let Me Introduce Myself, Sort of

O.K. It's time I got this party rolling.  Been off line, my computer decided to take up smoking!  Bad for it.  Bad for people also.  Don't care, smoke anyway. Had some trouble finding myself after I created this page.  Seems about the only thing I'm any good at with computers is Spider Solitare, and barbecueing hard drives and memory card readers, and the solitare game sometimes skunks me, bad.    Enough about me.  I created this page to tell you about me.  My life, my dreams, my nightmares, and my wife, our 30 years together, and the day we met the Grim Reaper.  Tell you how sometimes no matter how hard you try, there is going to be someone or something to trip you up, and my aftermath.  I'm not writing for sympathy, these are my observations, from my perspective.  Want that maybe you read and think, Yeah, just like what happened to me!  Or what a fool, how did he ever get that old and still be that stupid!  You judge, I write.  You like, tell friends, if not tell them anyway.
Some of my life lessons are still to be learned by many, maybe reading me, they can avoid what I couldn't or wouldn't do inspite of my own well being.  Example: If you are going on a overnight trip, while loading your car, do not (this especially true if there any cats in the neighborhood) leave the door open when you go into the house.  After getting my things, I headed to the bank, for needed funds.  I no sooner pulled onto the main most road to town, State Highway, lots of traffic, three liquor stores in two blocks, so a lot of pedestrians, pedesterations, No Spell Checker!!  foot traffic, the cat had apparently fallen asleep, and woke up.  With one of those strange yowls the kind that makes you wonder "What the f.."  the animal leaped into the seat with me and tried to leave through the windshield.  That not working the stupid thing began running around the inside along the edge of the door, across the dash over me, at least four laps.  He knocked my glasses askew, me flailing my arms in defense, I'm no longer driving, but I am traveling about 35mph on this usually busy road.  Just in time I see a corner, and without looking made a wicked, barely under control right turn to head back home to release this now settled creature, although still hissing and growl/yowling cat somewhere behind me, I expect the thing on my head like some kind of a hat soon enough.  Made it without incident. opened the door, boom, boom, out goes the cat. 
Myself, being a man, I drives a man's car, which is to say, a pickup truck.  I had also been putting things in the bed while I packed, going to take my friends some sheetrock compound, wood, other things they could use during their remodel.  Glad to do it, I would have only trashed it, I am now finished with mine.  That makes me think of another post!!  Anyway, off to the bank now.  Got my money, and on the way to my vehicle, noticed the tail gate down.  I kept my cool though, and when I looked into the back, nothing, like someone even swept back there.  Without missing a beat, I flipped it closed and headed back the way I came.  I didn't really want my things back, was courious as to where I left them.  However, I was also concerned that maybe while scattering things all over the road, I might have caused some damage.  Was sure I'd drive past a police car, only to have witnesses pointing, yelling  "That's him!  Came back to the scene of the crime!"  No sir, really wasn't looking foreward to that, at all.  Well I began to rest assured, when I came to my street, and hadn't  found anything on the road.  Then I wondered, ???  Where did it go, and surly, the taping compound, five pounds of it, pre mixed, in a cardboard box, would have painted a nice, messy spot where it hit the ground.  Nothing.  Smiled a little about that too, lucky me.  Well, my button pushing finger is kinda sore, going to close for now, go to bed, put my finger in cider, make it feel better.

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