Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Memorial Day Is

Is Memorial Day for bar-B-ques and beer?

Or for bombs and blood and living with fear?

Is it for fun and games under bright lights?

Or fear and loneliness far into the night?

Is Memorial Day for spending time with family and friends?

Or seeking shelter from the hatred of other honorable men?

For holding your loved one in the cool breeze?

Or praying to God, under fire, on your knees?

Is Memorial Day for three day sales?

Or soldiers, in country, hoping for mail?

Is Memorial Day for parades and flags?

Or for protecting the children from smoke that gags?

Is Memorial Day for enjoying life?

Or remembering those that went off to fight?

Is it for having fun and games, with sisters and brothers?

Or because they gave up their life for the lives others?

Is Memorial Day a reason to party and have fun?

Or because we can, thanks for their refusal to run?

Is Memorial Day for those that live?

Or honoring the soldiers with no more to give?


Kenneth L. Musson

May 28, 2012

Gonna be a year, soon...

What the?....I hear it, off in the distance, but louder and closer now. I always knew it was coming, but now I can FEEL it, I think I smell it too. I can't quite see it yet, but there, yes right over THERE! Like a cadence, a drum beat, constant, repetitive, gets to me in my head, and although it does not interfere with anything I have to do, for the most part, it occupies my mind, I stop some, and listen..... drum, drum, drum, march, march, march. Oh, that made me smile! Good one! Remember that time when we....Even in my sleep, I know. It will be here all too soon for me. You were so angry at me for that. But then I made you laugh, and we hugged. I bury my head in the pillow, every night, I pull it around my ears, no help, can't escape, bom, bom, bom, bom, until sleep takes over. Good night, lover. Hey! Your feet are so cold! It's getting so close now, coming soon enough, OK, how's that, getting warm now? way too soon. It wasn't me, really, it did it all by it's self! I want to run, hide even. Can you help me? No? How about you then? HEY! I could use some assistance here. Called ME because you went to work with mis-matched shoes! And then called me again soon as I got home. Please, I know everybody has their own issues, but this is too much for me now, and I hurt bad. I really don't want to have to.....I rushed right back to you, and handed you your glasses, with a big smile from me, a sheepish grin from you, we laughed and laughed, not at you, but because it was so FUNNY! I can't escape though, have to face it. But I don't wanna! Maybe if I thought about something else? I'm frightened, please, why now? Why so soon? Wasn't it just the other day when we.... And right when the waters began to calm too, now getting all stirred up again. March, march, march. I am a big boy, I can take it! I did it once already, can't be THAT hard this time. You were so silly, I told you I couldn't love you any less. It's just another day for crying out loud. What? What were you thinking, I swear, give me a hand, yes, see? Fixed. Everything's better now! Hey you! Save it for later, you'll get me all dirty. Yes, I Love you too. This past year there were times, I admit when It was bearable, like a motor runnung, off in the distance, always there, part of everything, and not so distracting, I would stop, and yes, I hears it just as plain...not so bad...get back to what I was doing. Oh, honey, really ? How can I help? Be right there. Don't worry about it. I love you! Lately though, it is becoming louder, closer, and like a pressure, beats like a bass drum, getting into everything. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Thanks, sweetie! Sometimes I wonder how I got so old and still be so stupid. Yes, tonight. I'll have dinner ready, OK? Bye! Have a good day, I sure love you... The sun isn't so bright, the food not so tasty, was everything always so hazy? No, it's just that lately, beat, beat, beat, beat, coming just over the horizon, OH MY GOD!! I CAN SEE IT!! Quick! Run away! It's going to get me! Somebody, please? HELP! LINDA! Linda. Linda? Oh no! Nooo! Not us! Please, please, no. Not my honey, my baby, my lover. I feel so bad that I let you down. Now what am I supposed to do? Yeah, right! As if! Really? By myself??!! But I, we, I was so sure....What? FOREVER?? Oh, but that's such a long time. I know. It was out of our hands from the day we were born, yes, my heart just melted when I saw our brat for the first time, but it felt like we had control for so long, it slipped my mind, we were so busy living. Did you see what your daughter did? We could fix anything, together, I was so confidant, you know? We were in it, and I know you would be here, at my side, pretty sure you are still, as a matter of fact. I am not THAT strong by myself. The other night when you laid with me while I slept, I could still feel you holding my hand when I woke up. I smelled you, in the bedroom, for the rest of the day. I wanted to be with you, you know, THAT way. Together again, but you held me, touched my face, and now I just feel so alone again, I miss you so very much . Thanks, lover, I'm sorry I made you cry, but sometimes nothing else matters. Yeah, I miss you too, OK, I know, I was about to be stupid. Yes, in our own time. I'll remember that, I'm going to do my best. I promise, I wont let you down. I don't want you angry at me. OH, here it comes! I'm Ready now, I think. Wait! I need to brace myself. OK, go on, hit me. I'll show you. Do it. DO IT! Just TRY to knock me down. Hey, why so hard? I almost fell! I'll get right back up, though, you'll see. But honey, it's soo hard. Gonna turn now, and face it. No, not yet! Too soon. I'm not ready! What? A year? Only a year? Just one? First one! Felt like forever already, and yet only a YEAR? So hard to believe. March, march, march, march, march........................