Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Memorial Day Is

Is Memorial Day for bar-B-ques and beer?

Or for bombs and blood and living with fear?

Is it for fun and games under bright lights?

Or fear and loneliness far into the night?

Is Memorial Day for spending time with family and friends?

Or seeking shelter from the hatred of other honorable men?

For holding your loved one in the cool breeze?

Or praying to God, under fire, on your knees?

Is Memorial Day for three day sales?

Or soldiers, in country, hoping for mail?

Is Memorial Day for parades and flags?

Or for protecting the children from smoke that gags?

Is Memorial Day for enjoying life?

Or remembering those that went off to fight?

Is it for having fun and games, with sisters and brothers?

Or because they gave up their life for the lives others?

Is Memorial Day a reason to party and have fun?

Or because we can, thanks for their refusal to run?

Is Memorial Day for those that live?

Or honoring the soldiers with no more to give?


Kenneth L. Musson

May 28, 2012

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